The Great White in my studio

Generally speaking I am not intimidated by too many things, however I must admit that I have always been very cautious while swimming in the sea. I guess this is simply the result of growing up in South Africa and from time to time seeing the huge sharks which fishermen have landed from the shore and the rocky coastline.

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A Studio Community

It seems that the creative potential in each one of us is ignited when the combination of ideas and restless energy reaches critical mass and we spontaneously ignite into expression. At flash point we head for our studio’s, overflowing with the desire to commit it all to canvas before the image fades and the colours disperse in our minds eye.

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The Conversation Begins….

I cannot believe that it has taken me so long  to appreciate the value and power of the internet. This is just one of those “giants” I have had to kill. The belief that information technology was for the under 30’s was the first mistake, the second being that I didn’t have the brainpower to engage. However, once I begun to take the first steps to towards confronting technology I began to realise, to my great joy that most of it, the fun bits that is, were well within my grasp and understanding.

What can I say except that my whole world has changed, the cyber world has become a fascinating place populated with site after site dedicated to enhancing knowledge and connecting people with their life’s passions. What a privilege to live in this age, an age where, from the remotest places, it is now the simplest thing to connect to people and information.

From a creative prospective this means that the boundaries of knowledge and skills are being extended way past the horizons of most people and, for those who care to engage to evolve, it is adventure at the click of a button. At Thornwood I hope to share my journey with you and would encourage you to begin your own. I would also love to be part of your story so please include me in your experiences and let’s start the conversation……………..I look forward to it.