Red Heads of the African Bush

If you’ve ever been in Africa on a hot afternoon when the smouldering sun is intent on roasting anything which is stupid enough to be found exposed on the dry cracked hot plate of soil, then you will know what the intense heat of such an afternoon can do to an artist’s imagination. One of my favourite things to do on days when all sane individuals have retired to the cool shade of veranda’s and trees, is to brave the scorching heat and to walk into the veld.  Once alone I locate a small hill which will afford me an open view of a valley. From such a vantage point I can see miles across the swimming and dancing landscapes as the afternoon heat brings mirages and illusions of cool water flowing across the thirsty scene.

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Lunch with R.D.(Bob) McKenzie

I first met Bob and his wife Fay way back in 1981 in South Africa when I was apprenticed to an electrical engineer. At the time the McKenzie’s owned the farm Gray Rocks near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. Bob was at the time heavily involved in cattle breeding programs, dairy and various other farming operations. My company had been employed to ensure that the farms electrical installations complied with the regulations required for connection to the national grid. Now, nearly 28 years on, standing in Bob’s studio in “The Barn” it seemed like that history was a world away, in another dimension.

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From the Easel

I was so inspired after my return from JoeDaisey Studio’s where I attended a painting weekend that I quickly prepared a board and did this piece. It is painted in acrylics with a varnished finish.

It was meant to be one of the pieces which will go towards the “small” exhibition I aim to hold in 2010. This was not to be, as one of my daughters saw it and wanted it.  As it was her birthday, she got a present and I had an easy way out of providing one.

I am not finished with this style or technique yet and look forward to more opportunity and inspiration to produce a few more of this ilk