The Conversation Begins….

I cannot believe that it has taken me so long  to appreciate the value and power of the internet. This is just one of those “giants” I have had to kill. The belief that information technology was for the under 30’s was the first mistake, the second being that I didn’t have the brainpower to engage. However, once I begun to take the first steps to towards confronting technology I began to realise, to my great joy that most of it, the fun bits that is, were well within my grasp and understanding.

What can I say except that my whole world has changed, the cyber world has become a fascinating place populated with site after site dedicated to enhancing knowledge and connecting people with their life’s passions. What a privilege to live in this age, an age where, from the remotest places, it is now the simplest thing to connect to people and information.

From a creative prospective this means that the boundaries of knowledge and skills are being extended way past the horizons of most people and, for those who care to engage to evolve, it is adventure at the click of a button. At Thornwood I hope to share my journey with you and would encourage you to begin your own. I would also love to be part of your story so please include me in your experiences and let’s start the conversation……………..I look forward to it.


5 thoughts on “The Conversation Begins….

  1. When discussing play in early childhood education, the term ‘Free Flow Play’ is linked most closely with ‘imaginative, free or creative play’. If we take this concept and apply it to our adult lives then perhaps our free time will be better used if we see ‘play’ as an important part of our creative development. The following equation outlines the essence of free-flow play (T. Bruce)
    Free-flow play =
    wallow in ideas,
    feelings and relationships + application of competence and technical prowess that has already developed.
    Lets Play more… we may be surprised by the new skills and talents that could emerge.

  2. Often I follow a train of events and listen to the arguments offered and I listen to how the pros and cons are weighed by those younger in years, and I think that maybe I would not approach the matter in the same way, that maybe I would be more lenient in my criticism and more understanding in my judgment.

    Then I realize again that the wisdom of old age is tempered in the fires of youth, and I leave in a reflective mood to make a cup of tea, sure in the knowledge that all is well with the world in the sense that , as it was, it will always be.

  3. On the topic of Computers and the internet, or the super information highway.

    When I started out on computers the internet was still very much pie in the sky, we used to access mainframes in the US by using UCT as a gateway, and then we thought we where clever, data rates of 1200 and 2400 BPS was pure heaven.

    I supported mainframes in the field, where typically a terminal had 8K memory and a colour terminal 16K, today the term k no longer applies when refering to memory, it is all gigabytes today.
    on a main frame the stiffies where eight inches and you could literally climb inside a harddrive compartment, (once while servicing EPOL in EL I crawled in to inspect a cable and met face to face with a BIG rat, the flesh and blood type, not your regular PC mice of today.
    I was writing full blown applications and diagnostic programs in BASIC and Machine code, and this for PC,s with 640K of memory and 5MB harddrive space, using DOS 2.1 as a platform.
    All this happened in the early eighties to about 88 when the full blown 16bit procesors started to hit the market and Windows first started to sneak into the field.
    Now here is the point I want to make. The kids that grew up in that time, are the ones that pioneered the technology of computers as we have them today, they took something we made and they made it better, then they gave it back to us in a simpler and more enjoyable form.
    I climb onto the net to research a topic and find information that I never even dreamt existed, now that impresses me, what does not impress me is the fact that almost every site wants money for the info.
    I tried to get help in finding a fault in the wiring of my motorcycle and yes! there it is, but I have to pay 49.95 dollars to get it, sort of flies in the face of what the internet was supposed to be.
    The question is, should the internet be allowed to become so mercenary about money as to make it impossible for most to gather information.

    • I guess the distinction between commercial use and social use should be the defining words. The net is really no different to the shopping arcade. You walk in, look around source your purchase, pay and walk out. It’s worth pointing out that you can get mugged in both the cyber mall and the downtown market place. If I have chosen to build my business out of cyber bricks and I choose the screen as my shop window then I am expecting people to pay, especially if it is my income. This is commercial use of the net and unlike Wikipedia etc who I think of as the public library. All we have actually done with the net is change the terms of commercial and social engagement. It would be nice if access to this world meant free! but it doesn’t. Fortunately there are some really clever and innovative people who do make their work available free and it is them who make the social web space such an amazing place. Unfortunately parts this hard old world do not have the same generous heart which you have…..and mores the pity.
      You will notice in my links on the home page that I have a section on innovation. Take a look at some of the material I post there,much of it is about creative people making a big difference in the world and using technology to do it.

  4. Yes, I have to admit that the net has become like a big shopping mall, and I might do well if I remember the old adage,”nothing for nothing and very little for 5 cents”.
    There is nothing wrong with making money, it is just seeing what has become of it since it started, the evolution of the net so to speak, coupled with a natural resistance to change and in awe of the speed at which things change.

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